renaissance woman coin necklace
Renaissance Woman Necklace
$ 150.00

Renaissance Woman Necklace

"I am still learning."


A Renaissance woman would be one that embodies the spirit of the Renaissance.  She is enlightened, enthusiastic, forward-thinking and always open to learning new things. 

Product details: 

Necklace is 20" long sterling silver chain.  
Coin is genuine from Italy. (circa 1960)
Bezel is handmade in sterling silver. 

About the coin:

This coin was is reminiscent of vintage cameo necklaces carved from shell or stone.  The coin is a 500 lire and was minted in Italy in the 1960's.  On the reverse, the three ships of Christopher Columbus sail the seas.  The obverse features a bust of a woman in Renaissance dress, representing Italy, surrounded by 19 shields. 


Necklace comes packaged with the above quote in a muslin drawstring bag.