Viking Coin Cuff
$ 50.00

Viking Cuff

Be strong when you are weak.

Be brave when you are scared.

Be humble when you are victorious.

-Viking proverb


This silver coin from the Isle of Man features a Viking long boat.  These coins are valuable and so beautiful. 

Why are Vikings on a coin from a British-owned island?:

Between about AD 800 and 815 the Vikings came to the Isle of Man chiefly for plunder; between about 850 and 990, when they settled there, the island fell under the rule of the Scandinavian Kings of Dublin; and between 990 and 1079, it became subject to the powerful Earls of Orkney.  

Product details:

Genuine Isle of Man coin, genuine matte leather belt-style cuff with buckle, 1.5" wide, length is adjustable. 
Cuff comes packaged with the above quote in a muslin drawstring bag. 

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