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Vintage Coin Jewelry

Genuine coins. Genuinely cool.

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Happy Customers

"Loved it! I wanted a ring made from a United Arab Emirates coin; Kelly found the coin and made a beautiful ring for my daughter. Excellent customer service and a truly unique product."    ~LeAnne


"I first found your work at the Salt and Honey market this month. And you were the one vendor I truly wish I could have had a chance to chat with, because your pieces are unique, impeccably made, and have so much soul. I settled on an Athena cuff, because of love her strength and fire. And I've worn it almost every day since! I love your wearable art pieces, and I am happy to share a state with so many talented artisans."         ~Kristen


"I was feeling kinda crappy today, so when I got home and opened up this gem you can imagine how happy I was!! I FINALLY have my hands on my very own Kelly Annie Jewelry  bangle!!  My dad was born in 1943 and when I saw a bangle on her site with a 1942 coin on it, obviously my curiosity was piqued!! I sent her a message asking if she had a 1943 coin and with my luck, she did! She did some very much appreciated band swapping and I ended up with a style of bracelet that I adore with a coin that I LOVE!!! Thank you Kelly Annie Jewelry so so much!!!!"   ~Josie