About Me & some FAQ's

 I’m Kelly and this is my website.
You should know it took me 10 minutes to come up with that opening statement.
It's a lot of pressure to share something about myself and my business without sounding too self-important, but I will try.
I make jewelry from old coins from all over the world.   
Why coins? Coins are COOL!  
   They have lived little lives in peoples pockets.  
 They have purchased treasures, paid for lunches with friends, and have been exchanged from hand to hand.
  The coins I use are tiny works of art and even though most of them no longer have value as currency, they have value as objects of beauty.  The best part is that every piece of jewelry has a story, quote or thought that goes with the coin that is meant to inspire you, move you or remind you of something important. That’s the goal anyway! 

Kelly Annie Jewelry  Vintage Coin Jewelry

3 things about these 3 photos:

1.  I love to ride my bike.  This is me after a 100 mile ride.  

2.  I let my dog lick my face.  Welcome it even.  Hope we can still be friends.  I also have three boys but they forbid me to post photos of them, so you get the dog instead. (She's my favorite anyway... shhhhhhhh!)


Where do you get your coins? 

I buy coins by the pound from coin dealers.  I never know what's in a shipment because they come in random assortments.  It is MY FAVE thing to sort through these coins.  Treasure hunting for the good ones, and learning about different parts of the world is just so much fun.  
Once I find coins that I love, I find coin dealers that I can buy a specific coin from in bulk.  This process sometimes takes foreverrrrrrr. 

Can you use my coins? 

Yes I can!  I do custom work for people all the time using coins from their own travels or places they've lived.  So much more sentimental to use your own coins, right?  HERE is some info about custom orders. 

Isn't it illegal to deface/drill holes in the coins?

No.  I promise.  It is illegal to deface currency to try and make it appear more valuable than it is.  With the intent to defraud.  You are free to do anything you wish with your money.  Besides, most of the coins I use are not in circulation anymore so it's not a biggie anyway. 

Why is this necklace priced so much differently than that necklace? 

The coins have different value.  Some are more rare than others.  Chain, stones and other components vary too, but most times, the availability and value of the coins are the big determining factors.  It's just math.  

Can you sell me just a coin? 

Nope.  Sorry.

Do you have anything made with a coin from _________________?

You can shop by country HERE, but if you don't see the country you are looking for, odds are that I have a coin in my collection.  I can swap a coin on any piece of jewelry or design a new piece just for you.  Click HERE for info on that. 


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