Like minded

I am here in Las Vegas at a market where I'm showing my jewelry designs to potential wholesale buyers in the hopes that they will carry my jewelry in their stores. It's going well so far and I'm happy about that because its the first apparel show I've done and I wasn't sure how we would fit here. There were a few people I spoke with that I really loved talking to because it seemed like they really got what I'm trying to do. They loved that each piece of jewelry comes packaged with a sentiment or a message. The comments about the style of jewelry I make were positive and reaffirming. Sometimes it's easy to second guess myself as I sit amidst a sea of bling and rhinestones with my more simple designs. Today, a lady fell in love with my Traveling Coin pieces. You can just tell when people get it...When they connect with what you are doing. As she held them and turned them over in her hands she said, "If these coins could talk! Imagine the stories they'd tell about the people and places they've seen." That woman is my customer. And it is SO MUCH fun to connect with people like her.

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  • I wish I would have know you were here in Vegas. I would give anything for a family picture or photos of my kids by you. You are so talented. You took our wedding photos photos.

    Angela Havens Davidson on

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