Disneyland Penny Ring

Disneyland ferris wheel

While living in California my family had season passes to Disneyland.  

When I was in morning kindergarten we would leave when I got out of school and go straight there. Disneyland is a fond memory from my childhood and a source of happiness for me.

The atmosphere there makes adults feel like children and makes children believe in magic.  

It’s an escape from reality.  I wanted to have this ring made to remind me of that.  

Disneyland Penny Ring

At Disneyland, I have waited in line for 3 hours for a two-minute ride. I have run from ride to ride trying to get as many in as possible. I have searched for hidden Mickeys and watched countless parades. I lied about my age so I could ride with my younger siblings and to ride by myself. Having that pass for nine years and then moving to Utah where I don’t have that anymore was sad for me but this ring brings back all those memories of Disneyland.

Disneyland Penny Ring


Disneyland Ride Photo

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