Wholesale Inquiries

We believe in shopping local, and we know the wonderful people who buy Kelly Annie Jewelry feel the same. 

Helping local economies, helping local families is core to our beliefs here.  We make our jewelry locally, here in the USA, and not in factories overseas.


If you are looking for meaningful, unique, handmade jewelry, please contact us!


We will need your store information and your tax ID number to get things started.  Accounts are usually approved within 48 hours and we require a $250 minimum opening order.


Our philosophy is simple, as we help you grow, we will grow as well.  As we grow, the families that produce Kelly Annie Jewelry will grow and thrive too.  We all win!  

We completely stand behind our jewelry.  If your customers are dissatisfied with our jewelry for any reason, we will swap it out for something new. 

If you find a piece you ordered is sitting on your shelves longer than you prefer, we will swap it out for something new. 

We are all in this together, and once we establish that relationship with you, it means the world to us to keep you happy and thriving.


We look forward to working with you!