Handmade Vintage Coin Jewelry

I create handmade jewelry using vintage coins from all over the world.  The materials I use are chosen with purpose.  The coins bear imagery that is meaningful and will be a symbol of something worth remembering.

Happy Customers

"I just purchased a Widow's Mite necklace from Kellyannie Jewelry. I was excited not only because the piece looked lovely and had a "history" but also because of the meaning that went with the necklace. The service was fast and the darling little bag with my necklace and quote came so quickly! The necklace is even more beautiful in person and I love it. So carefully crafted and so sweetly beautiful, it is becoming one of my favorite accessories to wear. And it serves a beautiful reminder to me to give freely of myself to what is most important to me! I am a business owner as well and firmly believe that when you put your heart and soul into what you offer, the public can easily tell. I can EASILY tell that Kelly loves what she does and it shows in the pieces that she creates. I am so excited to use her handmade pieces as gifts to those that are special to me. Thank you again for a lovely necklace!"  ~Jen L.

"I first found your work at the Salt and Honey market this month. And you were the one vendor I truly wish I could have had a chance to chat with, because your pieces are unique, impeccably made, and have so much soul. I settled on an Athena cuff, because of love her strength and fire. And I've worn it almost every day since! I love your wearable art pieces, and I am happy to share a state with so many talented artisans."         ~Kristen 

"I’ve been going through a difficult season in life lately (we all go through these, right?).  And one of my friends, Sue, has been so supportive and compassionate throughout these hard days.  She is available at all times and encourages me, even when I make wrong choices.  She is a rare gem.  So, when I found your Austrian Schilling necklace on Instagram, along with the quote, “A friend is one who knows you and loves you just the same,” I knew I had to purchase it for my friend, Sue! 

Thank you for creating such a special piece of jewelry that enables me to show Sue my appreciation for her faithful friendship.  This world would be a better place if we had more friendships based on such love and commitment."     ~Sarah