Personal Mantra

Is there a phrase or word that you say to yourself throughout the day to remind you of a goal? Or, maybe to help you get through a hard time? Or even to remind you of what is important? A while back, I was training to ride my bike 100 miles. My first century ride. I made a plan to ride a certain amount of days and progressively longer distances. Sometimes it was hard to get out on my bike. Sometimes it was hard to go the extra five miles on any given day. I made a little necklace for myself with a little hand stamped tag that read simply, "I can.". I wore it everyday that spring and summer to remind me of my goal. I began a new adventure later that I had a lot of anxiety and fear about so this time I made one of these leather cuffs that reads, "Fortune favors the brave". I love this quote! It's true too, isn't it? Good things don't usually just happen. We have to set fear aside and go get what we want. My bracelet reminds me of this simple truth and that's why I love it. Also, I really love the rustic leather and style of it. See more HERE.

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  • Just breathe. Or. Take a deep breathe…. Ahhhhhh..

    Becky DeLapp Smith on
  • You never have enough friends, is what I tell my kids. Love it!

    Sharie Bowthorpe Giles on
  • Similar to yours but mine is “I can do hard things”.

    Allison Gatherum Curtis on

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