Celebrating the Small Victories

me and Alison of the Alison Show
Last Saturday I attended a branding workshop put on my someone who I believe has that subject DOWN.  
Her name is Alison of The Alison Show and if you haven’t seen her on Instagram, then you are missing out.  She is full of energy and spunk and when it comes to business, she knows how to win hearts and how to create a brand that makes people want to follow along.  

First, a small story. 

Every time I put myself in the position of doing something new like this I get SO nervous.  Partially, because I am doing it by myself and I can be shy when I don’t know people, and partially because I wonder how I will be received by the other people in attendance.  
For this workshop, my fears were (in no particular order) I won’t have anyone to talk to and will be the sad, lone person at a table, that I would be the oldest person there, that I won’t be dressed stylishly enough, that everyone will have crazy successful businesses and will wonder why the likes of ME would even think of coming, and that I am the oldest person there.  I know I said that thing about being old twice but I did so because my mind kept circling back to that one and the worst part is that


Have I established my stress yet?  Are you feeling me here? 
So, now comes Saturday morning.  I woke up early, busted out some yoga.  Took a shower and began the beauty routine, such that it is for someone like me.  What I mean by that, is it’s pretty minimal.  
When it came time to do my hair, I dried it, and prepped for the flat iron to tame the exceedingly frizzy hair the results from a shower and blow dry.  You have to know that it is crazy-person frizzy and huge.  Big, wild, finger-in-light-socket hair. 
This is the moment my flat iron decides to stop working. 
Of course.  
I was mildy freaking out because I have no time for a trip to the store to buy a new one.  I don’t think a beanie would go with my pre-determined outfit and I am stressing out now more than ever. 
But, then!  I remember that I have a large barrel curling iron that I think might work.  I pull it out, plug it in and wait.  
It seemed to be working.  My hair is being tamed and I’m feeling like the day is saved until I get to my bangs.  They are the thing that require the flat iron above all.  So, I put them in the curling iron and try to flatten the hair.  
The large barrel curling iron, is well… large, so it touches my forehead for the tiniest of moments.  It hurt!  I yank it away and look in the mirror.  
Great. I now have a huge burn on my head and no bangs to cover it because they are sticking straight out.  I pinned my bangs up because that is all I could do at this point and put on lipstick which I rarely wear but I thought maybe draw attention downward, you know? 
Just so you’re not left hanging, the workshop was fine.  I mean, the workshop was SO amazing, but all the things I was sweating were fine.  I don’t think anyone cared about what I wore, my age or even the giant burn on my head.  The table I sat at was full of delightful people and we all got along just fine. 

The worry I had before was so unnecessary.  

And such a waste of energy.  Then I remembered a quote I shared with a friend who was worrying about something new she was going to do.   I’m great at giving advice that I don’t follow myself.
The quote is this, 
“Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.”
This is true, right?  If I worry about being awkward and shy, it is more likely to happen.  
While I suck at not worrying even though I know better, something I am great at is doing things that scare the crap out of me.  
I feel like these two things balance each other out.  At least I’m getting things done.  (I wanted to swear in that last sentence)

So today I am choosing to celebrate that win.  

(picture me standing on my porch, yelling to the neighbors)  I am great at doing things that are scary!!!
And all of this year I am working on celebrating my wins. 
I think you should join me.  
What are you great at? 

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  • I wish you could see yourself through your friends eyes. I can’t even describe how I feel about you. I will say this you are the most amazing person I know!!!

    Heifi on

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