That one time when someone mailed me a human finger

Last month, I got a strange package in the mail from Wong International Trading.  

It was from a person claiming to have the effects of a relative that mysteriously died and that I am the only known relative.  The letter told me that I should be expecting more packages to follow once they figure out how to safely and secretly get these things out of Russia.  

mysterious package company

My first reaction was this:


Then, of course, I thought it was one of those scams where they try to get you to deposit money in an overseas bank.  Nevertheless, I was delighted.  

I saved the package and looked forward to more.  Because it was fun!  And weird.  

A few weeks later, I get another package.  This time, it's full of old letters...some handwritten, some written on a typewriter.  All of them old.  There was an aged map of Kazakhstan, a Russian name badge with a photo of a woman and on the back....

Smeared, bloody finger prints. 

mysterious package company letter #2

The letters are from a russian scientist that has been performing human experiments to develop some virus called Risen which has gone horribly wrong.  People are dying, things are getting dangerous.  Governments want the virus for ill.

So, it's getting good now, right? 

Best scam ever.  

I am now thinking that whoever is trying to trick me is sparing no expense and while I will not be fooled into giving anyone my money, I am now totally into this plot.  

I saved this package as well.  Labeled it #2 and again, am looking forward to what's next.  

Then yesterday I get a big box from the same Wong Trading International.  By now my family is all into this story too, so I announce, "Another package from Wong International guys!  Gather round!"

I open it up to find a wooden crate which is nailed shut.  I had to get a screw driver out to pry it open.  I feel like freaking Indiana Jones at this point.  

If this is a money scam, I l almost want to give them what they are asking for because of the level of showmanship.  

Right?  I mean, this is fantastic!

Inside the crate is another letter, a photograph of a woman staring at a lighthouse and then a test tube holder mounted on a wooden plaque with a FINGER floating inside some green liquid.  

mysterious package company crate contents

You guys!

A finger!

Watch this video to see the contents of the package:

 I cannot wait to see how this thing turns out.  

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  • My dad got the same package 3 years ago. We’ve tried to solve it, and there is no answer to the riddle. Please tell me how it ends so i can point him in thecright direction

    Ted on
  • I got what seems to be the same package, including the map and the ID card with bloody fingerprints. I did a little research. This seems to be very elaborate. This is not a complete fabrication. There was a bioweapons research lab on this island in the Aral Sea. But the fact that your package seems to be identical to mine seems to indicate some kind of hoax. Why you? Why me? Who stands to profit from this? Let’s stay in touch.

    George Lederer on
  • Hi Kelly, just today I received this exact same package in the mail. I didn’t receive the first letter but rather the second one and thankfully no fingers. Did you ever figure out what this is? I don’t believe this is real but it is disgusting nevertheless.

    Tessa on
  • Are all the writings in English? If this person Speaks Russian or whatever the ‘Kazi folks’ speak, she certainly speak good English. it doesn’t sound like its from a person that speaks English as a second language. if what you found on line is true, the most surprising thing to me is that there is a company that’s provides a ‘mysterious experience’ for $200. bucks no less.

    SHaron SAnsom on

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