My Spirit Animal Is a Wolf

I want to share something that I know you will love.  

A while ago I heard the coolest podcast.  It was an episode in which I learned about a famous Yellowstone wolf called the ‘06 female. ‘06 because that is the year she was born.  I’m linking to it for you because it was fascinating.  Really, even if you don’t consider yourself a wolf fan, you will find this interesting.  

For days after I learned of this wolf, I couldn’t get her out of my mind.  I think she is my spirit animal. 

06 female

She is independent and so, so smart.  She earned the respect of all who knew her (human and otherwise) because she is just SO impressive.  
Give it a listen and let me know how you liked it.  
This is the catalyst that led me to seek out coins with wolves on them.  I wanted to create a piece that I could wear to remind me to be my own version of the ‘06 female.  
Howl at the moon wolf coin necklace
This first necklace is probably my favorite.  If you look close, you will see that it depicts a she-wolf nursing two human infants.  Have you heard this Roman mythical legend? 
It goes like this... Mars the god of war and Rhea Silvia (who is the daughter of the recently deposed king) conceive twin boys.  The new king tried to drown the infants to remove the threat of their royal birthright.  The twins, however, washed up on the bank of the Tiber river and survived due to the care and nursing of a kindly she-wolf.  The twins, Romulus and Remus decide to found a town of their own in the spot where the wolf had cared for them.  After a quarrel, Romulus killed Remus and built the city alone naming it Roma (Rome) after his own name.   
This coin is ancient.  It was minted around 330-346 AD.  
Roman coin necklace She Wolf
I have more wolf pieces coming in the future but wanted to share these two favorites for now.  
(Click on the pictures to see the pieces in the shop)

Is there an animal you relate to and love?  

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