The Warrior

Cancer fighting necklace

Ashley asked me to make a necklace in honor of her dear friend who is fighting cancer. ⠀
I’m so honored to do this for her. 

Cancer fighter necklace
I chose Athena (Greek coin) because she is a courageous fighter. Here is what the card I included with the necklace says:⠀
Athena is the goddess of courage, battle, strength and heroic endeavors. ⠀

Legend has it that Zeus offered a contest between Athena and Poseidon for the possession of Athens. Poseidon used his trident to create a saltwater spring. Athena, on the other hand, produced an olive tree. ⠀

The Athenians chose Athena’s gift for all of its profound qualities. The leaves have crowned the heads of victorious athletes, generals, and kings, the wood was used to construct houses and boats, the oil was used to give fuel to lamps, and its fruit has become a staple in the Mediterranean diet. ⠀

Athena’s gift continued to give even when she was no longer with the people. The fruit of her gift strengthens, gives shelter, nourishes and inspires all who were privileged to partake of its beauty. ⠀

**I used a turquoise drop because Native Americans believed it was a healing stone and that it would absorb the hurt your life might bring. If your turquoise ever cracked they would say, "The stone took it." meaning, the stone took the hurt that was meant for you.

Ashley wrote a sweet post about her friend on Instagram.  Here is a part of it:

What a great way to think of Harmoni. She is a warrior and long-suffering. Her legacy will live on, just as the Olive Tree.
The turquoise can remind me of positive energy that she has always had. 
I am so grateful for the dear friend Harmoni has been to me. We have only been friends since 2011, but I honestly believe we were best friends before this life because it feels like we have been friends for a lot longer than 7 years. Cool thing is...we will be #BestiesForever! And even when the time comes for her to say goodbye I know she'll continue fighting on the other side as a guardian Angel!

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